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Basic concepts and key features of The Library of Babel

We have always been drawn to the idea of making a good 2D platformer video game. Something that falls within the genre of a graphic adventure, with everything hand drawn, centred around  modern times and technologies. We almost had it, and after reading Jorge Luis Borjes story “The Library of Babel” we thought to ourselves, why not? Let’s join these three ideas, and see what happens. This is how our project was born, with the same title as the enigmatic tale from Borjes, inspired by his ideas about infinity and the incapacity to acquire absolute understanding, the desperation surrounding the search for something insurmountable and simply the horror behind the definition of infinity or periodicity.

To all of this we added our own flavors and spices: robots, a far-flung future, touches from RPG genres, well worked dialogues and the best adapted music for a story that would give more colour to the concept Borjes brought to life in only 5 pages of written madness. We are now working measuredly to mix these elements with grace and elegance; this is what we have so far: 

Hand Drawn 2D platformer levels…

With areas focussed on stealth

Dialogue and inventory management systems like we saw in graphic adventures from the 90s…

But with a dark, mature, stylisation, with a story that will give you lots to think about

Full Adaptive Soundtrack

It’s been more than 20,000 years since humanity went extinct; the new robotic era is well established and humanity has become a figure of mythology of which not much is known. What does it mean to a cybernetic mega-conscience to have access to an almost infinite library? How did the robots interpret the existence of their biological creators? Travel to the remote jungles of future Babylon, and figure it out for yourself…

That’s all we can tell you for now, going any further would start to give you too many spoilers that would ruin your experience and the game. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram and you’ll be able to see our progress on the project as we upload further content. Thank you very much for your interest,


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