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The Library Of Babel

Inspired on a story by the renowned writer

Jorge Luis Borges

The library of Babel is a tale revolving around a dark futuristic world, unfolding through platformer elements, stealth and graphic adventure.

Ludovik has been sent to Mesopotamia to investigate a murder case. As he arrives at the Colony, a data mining outpost, a state of emergency is declared, severely hindering his progress. With the help of Lei, his contact within the Colony, Ludovik is able to slowly piece together the investigation, and follow the trail of the murderer through the neighbouring areas, meeting peculiar characters on his journey.

You will have to get to know the inhabitants of the jungle, and explore its’ most dangerous recesses to resolve the obscure mystery that surrounds the sudden lockdown of the Library.

Enter a vast futuristic world inhabited by strange creatures and deadly enemies, where you will have to use a mixture of stealth and wit to infiltrate the most guarded areas.

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