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Here we will introduce you to a few of the friendly characters that you’ll meet in the future Babylon

He’s the protagonist of The Library of Babel, however this doesn’t mean he’s a hero. He’s a Seeker: designed to be attentive to detail, capable of extracting and processing all information around him. Therefore, his role will be that of a detective and investigator, scanning every recess in the world, preferring to use stealth, speed and agility, rather than a direct combat approach

The Colony sheriff, in charge of protecting the surrounding areas of the data mining complex under the jurisdiction of the Matriarch. She leads a small group of soldiers with which she protects the small communities that inhabit the jungles and mountains

The Colony mechanic, although his ability to work has been seriously affected by the state of alarm. He is known for being grumpy, but he empathises with those that are capable of showing even the slightest bit of interest for the strange artifacts that fascinate him

A Seeker, like Ludovik, although her years of experience and unwavering curiosity have led her to specialise in investigations in hard-to-reach areas. Therefore she undertakes them remotely, having built a small Investigation Drone with which she explores and takes photos of the ancient ruins that she obsesses over

A retired analyst. Worked for many years with the School of Oracles, side by side with the Babas, eventually obtaining an incredibly high level of knowledge. His tasks escape conventional spiritualism, although he does also dedicate his time to deciphering and cataloguing data

Owner and manager of a small trinket store in the centre of the Colony. His fascination for data, and abundant use of it, means he has an exhaustive list of contacts with which he supplies the basic needs of the residents. He resents the state of alarm as he feels like he has been trapped

The definitive transport unit, associated with Seekers, capable of traversing large distances with minimal consumption of fuel. It’s prized decryption module is the perfect tool for Seekers, and ensures a high success rate in their missions

The guardian of the western door of the Colony. Years ago, he traveled with Jion, the previous Colony sheriff, and knows these lands like the back of his hand. However, due to the state of alarm, he has been assigned to the door, where he keeps an eye out for anything suspicious and reports on Kaborist Cult activity

Tracker bots designed to be able to reach small, or otherwise difficult areas, or to help with construction. They are currently without a job, and spend their time fooling around and indulging in their passion for music

Almost as old as the Matriarch herself, Baba Kiraam was one of the first analysts that set foot in this area. The great flux of data soon enticed him into this spiritual pursuit, and is considered by the School of Oracles as one of the great sages. Through meditation, he acquires further spiritual enlightenment, which he then portrays as small clay statuettes, garnering him the nickname of “the artisan”

He runs the bar located in the highest part of the Colony. Despite the state of alarm cutting off most of his clientele, as travellers and seekers have stopped coming by, it hasn’t seemed to affect him in the slightest. If you want to relax and kick back a few refreshing pitchers of Oryktum, Polliver’s your guy

He used to be the “lord of whispers” or the “rogue”, a mixed entity that moved around in the shadows, collecting rumours and whispers of all of the Colonies comings and goings. He has now been assigned to a particularly boring task however: guarding the key to Zhagos 05 to stop unlicensed movement between areas. He spends most of his time at Poliver’s bar, dreaming of better days

Worked for years directly with the Matriarch, but his curiosity led him to spend less and less time at the Colony. He now travels the paths that disappear into the Nanaar jungles, studying fauna and completing his rigorous observations of the moon

The governing entity for the area: in charge of processing the infinite data stream that comes from the heart of the Library, and sends them directly towards Idrymatos. She is the central axis of the data mining outpost, the reason why the whole installation exists, and probably the only one who truly knows its’ mysteries

These are some of the characters that you’ll meet if you decide to embark on the journey to future Babylon. Make sure to pay attention to every little detail that you are told, as they will guide you towards the most well kept secrets of the game


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