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The Ender Zone

An uncontrolled descent to the darkest corner


The Ender Zone is an independently developed first person shooter in the horror genre, in which you will follow the story of a British agent trying to figure out what happened at AREA S-4, in the South Pacific.
After an emergency message, the complex appears abandoned and solitary, but it won’t take you long to discover the horrors that are locked up in its’ labyrinthian hallways. 
Explore the outskirts of the complex, the military patio, the drains, the scenes of a turbulent past and a nest of evil. 
This is an uncontrolled descent to the darkest corner of the universe. 
We recommend that to play this with ear phones, and with the lights turned down.



  • FPS based in a generic 90s environment. 
  • Original soundtrack composed by Eric Luque
  • A lot of variety in scenarios and puzzles to solve. 
  • Unnerving experience 😀

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