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Led by light

What is Led by Light ?

Led by Light is a single-player rogue-lite videogame with an isometric perspective that incorporates the key elements of the best RPGs. Four characters from different places of origin disembark on Dōbrad island. Each one of them has a unique history, skill set, as well as different objectives and fears.

While the island has been abandoned for hundreds of years, one can still wonder at the vestiges of the long dissolved confederate republics. Will you be capable of getting to the heart of the island? We made sure that won’t be so easy, but if you fight for your life, and with a little bit of faith, you shall triumph.


Each run is different, unique and unrepeatable. Maps and hundreds of objects are chosen and distributed in a random fashion, which leads to different and unpredictable situations in each and every run.

♦Revolutionary AI. G-Data is the enemy: an amalgam of creatures that fuse among themselves. Moreover, it learns as you play. For instance, If a player tends to dodge towards the left, our algorithm will make the enemy more prone to attack on that direction. Consequently, the player will have to become aware that its moves are being monitored by the enemy and use this circumstance to his or her advantage.

♦Replayability. Death is only the beginning. Part of what you gather in each run will be transferred into the next one, including the character’s level and certain ingredients. All runs will make you progress.

♦Four characters, four different gameplays. You will be able to chose among 4 characters: New Tenant, Bramin, Telurica and Mosoma. Each one has its own history, skill set and combat style. While you should choose your character wisely, it will be of vital importance to play with all of them, since each one will act upon the world in a different way and have access to places restricted to the other characters.

Immersive gameplay. Thanks to the rich narrative, attractive visual environment, and solid fluid gameplay, you will find yourself immersed in a unique world where the barrier between you and the characters disappears.

♦Great variety of objects to improve your character. Each character has its own weapons and equipment trees. In each run, you will find special objects that can improve your character and change the gameplay mechanics. You will be compelled to adapt to the changes and learn to improvise.


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