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Led by Light Record

Like a small tree on a rocky outcrop, Led by Light was born on a land on which nobody thought anything could grow. It was time, and the winds of change that gave shape to the prototype we have today in our hands: the basis of a rogue-like video game that adopts the best features of traditional RPGs.

The first plans and ideas appeared on the margins of class notes of a few university students studying philosophy: a small idea that started a large concoction, slow cooking ever since into the flavour and colour it has today.

In its early days we called it “Reincarnation Project”; a term that referenced two important elements in the game’s nature: on one side it reflected the reincarnation of characters after their deaths, as is customary in the rogue-like genre, highlighting both the importance of death and everything you learn after it. Whilst on the other side, Led by Light is itself a reincarnation of the best RPGs from the 90s, a re-envisioning of the classics in their gold age, with a contemporary face lift to suit the current times.

Many years have passed since then, and various people with great talent have joined the development of the project; whilst others have also left. Led by Light has never been cancelled or it’s development stopped, with the journey giving us the strength to continue onwards and to, most importantly, never give up.

The original development team had never undertaken video game creation, let alone been in the industry. It was borne by writers, engineers, philosophers and illustrators that desired to see their ideas in motion and under the form of their great passion: the creation and development of video games.

Since that naïve beginning, where we thought everything would be easy, we have discovered how complex software design can be, and luckily, realizing how much we like the challenge. On top of that, we now count on experienced people from the sector that have given us a few reality checks with which the project has started taking shape.

During the last year Led by Light has begun the transition from notebooks and spread sheets to graphic engines, such as Unity: we are starting to see This feat has given us even more strength; it’s proved to us that we really like what we do: the journey from theory to practice is a fascinating art, a discipline which we firmly believe we can do something incredible in: improve on the existing industry and innovate to give it the fresh touch it needs as it has become somewhat casual, and in our opinion, sometimes is missing the magic with which it was born.

Currently we are developing a small technical prototype which will demonstrate and represent the playable bases of the game: a schematic which, in parallel, will allow us to look for funding for the production of Led by Light: although we have spent years working without remuneration, the time has arrived for us to formalise the team and ourselves, Tanuki Game Studio, and reveal once and for all to the world our small grand piece.

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