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Led by Light is a thrilling adventure in which each run is different and unique. The game is framed within a carefully crafted narrative in which the player faces waves of enemies that learn from the player’s strategy and performance to keep up the challenge. The inclusion of RPG elements transforms this Roguelike into a next generation title that delivers a nimble arcade experience with an unusual amount of depth.

There will be four different characters, each one with its own abilities and combat styles. Level up and collect ingredients to improve your gear. Explore randomly generated maps to solve the mysteries of an island that has remained uninhabited for hundreds of years.

This is an example of how a map looks like in the first phase of the game. It is composed of different ecosystems connected by nexuses. This distribution is randomly resolved in each run and organically combines with relevant narrative events to tell a story.

The combat stages are small and encourage the use of different combat strategies; sneekly dispatch enemies one by one or unleash all your power in a frontal attack. Each character has a repertoire of unique abilities that encourage the player to adapt his or her combat style to best exploit them.

There’s 10 different types of maps or ecosystems

Throughout each run you will encounter several NPCs that will introduce you to the lore we have been working on hard for several years. The world of Led by Light is alive and full of stories about its past. In this regard, we have been very thorough, in order to satisfy the growing user base that demands a good story behind a Roguelike game.

Here you can see some of the mechanics that govern the cross-narrative and goals to be achieved by the different characters.

G-Data is the enemy: an amalgam of creatures that fuse among themselves. Moreover, it learns as you play. For instance, if a player tends to dodge towards the left, our algorithm will make the enemy more prone to attack on that direction. Consequently, the player will have to become aware that its moves are being monitored by the enemy and use this circumstance to his or her advantage.

The enemies fuse and grow ever stronger. Finish them off quickly before the battle ground becomes an unapproachable madness leading fast to your death.  

As already mentioned, we have worked hard to create a solid and deep story. There is diverse cultures for which we have already carefully designed its origins, customs and aesthetics. This allows us to create a meaningful story arc in which each element and detail refers to an organic whole, the world of Era.

This is the index of contents for the story of Era, around which Led by Light revolves. From the origins of humanity up to the present.

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